• Caffe Latte

    Caffe Latte

    Espresso & steamed milk below a thin layer of smooth silky milk

  • Flat White

    Flat White

    Espresso & steamed milk with no milk foam.

  • Cappuccino With Chocolate

    Cappuccino With Chocolate

    Espresso & steamed milk beneath a thick layer of dense velvety smooth milk and added with chocolate powder at the top. Sweet and satisfying.

  • Cappuccino Without Chocolate

    Cappuccino Without Chocolate

    Espresso & steamed milk beneath a thick layer of dense velvety smooth milk. Sweet and satisfying.

  • Caffe Americano

    Caffe Americano

    Rich, intense espresso coffee lengthened with hot water. Bold, black coffee.

  • Caramelatte


    A classic Gloria Jean's favourite. Delicious toasty, buttery rich caramel syrup addded to our Caffe Latte, then topped with creamy caramel sauce.

  • Irish Nut Creme

    Irish Nut Creme

    An indulgent blend of Irish Creme & Hazelnut syrups, delicate white chocolate, espresso & milk.

  • White Chocolate Mocha

    White Chocolate Mocha

    Sweet, tempting fine white chocolate, espresso and milk. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

  • Hot Tea

    Hot Tea

    Variety of flavour can be choose either English Breakfast, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Assam Organic, Chamomile and Peppermint.

    Enjoy the fresh flavour of pure whole leaf tea from our unique pyramid shaped tea bags.

  • Chai Tea Latte

    Chai Tea Latte

    An exotic surprise with black tea leaves mixed with ginger, cardamon, seductive cinnamon and other spices, sweetened and combined with steamed milk to create the perfect balance of spicy and sweet for your palate. Served latte-style.

  • Classic Hot Chocolate

    Classic Hot Chocolate

    A deep and dark traditional hot chocolate combined with steamed milk & topped with fluffy marshmallows.

  • Very Vanilla Latte

    Very Vanilla Latte

    The smooth, aromatic flavour of vanilla combined with espresso & milk, topped wiyh whipped cream.

  • White Hot Chocolate

    White Hot Chocolate

    A twist on a classic favourite. Sweet white chocolate combined with steamed milk & topped with marshmallows.

  • Caffe Mocha

    Caffe Mocha

    Rich chocolate, espresso & steamed milk finished with chocolate sprinkles.

  • Macchiato


    A Macchiato (Italian for 'marked') is an espresso with a dollop of velvety milk foam.
  • Babycino


    Perfect for the sophisticated pre-schooler. Simply warmed milk and a dollop of milk foam in a piccolo cup.
  • Piccolo Latte

    Piccolo Latte

    A mini version of the Caffe Latte. A single ristretto layered with a small amount of creamy steamed milk.
  • Espresso


    Gloria Jean's Special Espresso Blend coaxed to yield the essence of the fine coffee. Wonderfully intense & aromatic


*Extra charges RM1.50 will added in your receipt for whipped cream on any drink

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